Reports & Publications

Photogrammetry and face carvings. Exploring the ‘face’ of the Egyptian anthropoid coffins by 3D-mod

Stefania Mainieri

In Ancient Egypt, New Technology. The Present and Future of Computer Visualization, Virtual Reality and Other Digital Humanities in Egyptology, edited by Rita Lucarelli, Joshua Roberson and Steve Vinson, Harvard Egyptological Studies, 17, 2023.

Digital Humanities: a holistic approach to classify Yellow Coffins

S. Mainieri, A. Mandelli, and C. Rossi

Keywords: Digital Humanities, Yellow Coffins, Photogrammetry, 3D Survey, Physiognomic, Face Landmark Recognition

Abstract. The Faces Revealed Project takes its lead from innovative research trends that see the combination of different but interconnected skills and competences. It aims at contributing to the study of ancient Egyptian coffins by developing a new and efficient methodology based on fast, simple, cost-effective, and portable technique allowing the acquisition of precise and accurate gemetric data. This technology will provide further insights into the manufacture, production, workshops, and possibly the ancient reuse of the Yellow Coffins and may also constribute to the creation of a new way of classifying these coffins.


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