Compare Spreadsheet

The task of the COMPARE SPREADSHEET is to highlight each human feature and the variables of anthropoid yellow coffins both in their Visual Appearance and Physical Geometry.

One of the challenging task of Faces Revealed Project is to understand if the different ways of rendering facial features and forms in geometry can link different objects to each other and locate them in a specific place ("workshop") and time (chronology) of production. 

This Spreadsheet represent the core part of the project and contains all the 107 coffins with their categorised 
variables both in decoration and geometry. It identifies which and how many common features the coffins share - considering both visualisations - highlighted in different coloured boxes.

This categorisation allows a reliable and  consistent inspection of all the variables making the comparison objective within object in the same set and enlarging the comparison itself to all the corpus. It enables, in fact, a contemporary comparison of the variables of all the coffins, highlighting the common ones and then making it easy to identify links and differences.

The Compare spreadsheet give the possibility to export a reusable and modifiable .xls file readable thanks to the specific vocabulary for decoding and, for each coffin, the PDF with the full information and the images as well as the Report of photogrammetry that represent the main and starting point of the Faces Revealed Project for its ability to made “visible” otherwise invisible features.


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The raw and generated data and metadata of the Faces Revealed Project are stored in a Zenodo repository
For uploaded 3D model (Museo Egizio yellow coffins)